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After the Bulloughs

In 1957 the Island of Rum and the Castle passed into public ownership through the sale by Lady Bullough to the Nature Conservancy (the predecessor of the current owners Scottish Natural Heritage).  There was a stipulation that the island "be used in perpetuity as a nature reserve and Kinloch Castle maintained as far as may be practicable". Despite the best efforts of SNH over the years it has been unable to keep pace with the internal and external ravages of time and weather. This is largely due to lack of government funding as the Castle does not fall within the specific remit of SNH. The Castle building in 2013 in many ways is in better condition than it has been for many years as the roof has been thoroughly repaired, new guttering helps ensure that rainwater falls away from the building and old worn out lead has been replaced by a better quality lead. SNH have plans to spend more money on structural repairs within the next financial year.

An options appraisal group is currently looking into what could be the future for the Castle and its contents as the hostel comes to close at the end of May 2013.