Billiard/Smoking Room

The Billiard and smoking room, a very masculine room,  is fitted with an early form of double glazing and also a form of air conditioning drawing out the smoky air and bringing in fresh. The Billiard table, made by Burroughs and Watts, of course dominates the room with the ornate light fitting over it but there are also other games including a roulette wheel. The room contains other Byron Cooper paintings and the painting of Rum Bess over the fireplace is testament to George Bullough's love of his dogs. Also on display are awards won at Crufts.  The chairs are covered in carpeting which has worn remarkably well. On display on the desk at the window are the leather bound Rum Game, Fishing and Deer books, which show the names of visitors as well as showing the quality of the shooting on Rum.

Many people consider the Billiard Room their favourite room. 


It's now looking pretty sad after work to eradicate dry rot didn't include making good.                            


The fireplace in 2013 and as it is now, 2017.