Dining room

The dining room, which has long windows overlooking Loch Scresort, is panelled with mahogany. The table, seating 16 in comfort, is also mahogany and along with the chairs was brought from the Rhouma when it was sold. The chairs still have holes in the bases where they could be screwed to the floor in the yacht. The door is mahogany on the inner half and oak on the outer facing into the corridor.

Overseeing events in the dining room is John Bullough whose portrait is over the fireplace. A young George is pictured between two windows. In the alcove are two paintings one of John Bullough's father James and one of his mother Martha. Also in the dining room are a painting of the Rhouma and a printed booklet listing all the patients who convalesced on board.


KCFA members polishing the dining table