Exciting times!

For many years, the future of Kinloch Castle has looked bleak as SNH were struggling against increasing austerity and the conflict between looking after a Grade A listed building and fulfilling their obligations as regards nature reserves etc.

The successive reports all painted a picture of high costs and difficulty in selling the castle. At the KCFA AGM of 2017, the decision was made that a working group should look into the possibility of asset transfer of the castle to a Community Interest Company. The working group have concluded that to go for a different model than proposed by the reports much could be saved and the castle restored at a lower cost. Investigations have found that this is a strong possibility.  

Full information can be found on the Asset Transfer page. 

The Future: What does it hold?

BBC Restoration 2003 Kinloch castle featured in this BBC programme: follow the links to read about the result and the subsequent visit of HRH The Prince of Wales.

Scottish Natural Heritage(SNH) have spent a considerable amount of money over the past few years making the roof watertight, renewing the water tank, and improving the services. However this has been at the cost of a reduction in funding towards the hostel accommodation and a hard decision was made that the hostel accommodation would cease to operate from within the castle and it closed at the end of May 2013 with temporary accommodation adjacent being provided from the 8th June 2013 but closing in June 2015.

An Options Appraisal group made up of representatives of bodies including the National Trust for Scotland, Historic Scotland, the Princes Regeneration Trust, the Isle of Rum Community Trust and Kinloch Castle Friends Association have been looking to a viable future for the Castle. SNH employed the firm of Savill's to cost out the best option. This report has now been received, and is awaiting further decisions. Austerity measures imposed by central government have impacted on many aspects of life including this report. The Princes Regeneration Trust then put together a further report which was followed by a short report by Stewart Sandison of SNH which went to the ministers. The PRT report is considerable and has seven appendices. For the main Report, click here. And for the appendices click on plans Ground floor plan, First Floor Plan, Second Floor Plan, Ground Floor Plan proposed phasing, First Floor Plan proposed phasing, Second Floor Plan proposed phasing, and appendix J

The KCFA were encouraged by SNH to mount a campaign to restore the Orchestrion and have had a thorough appraisal of the condition of this magnificent instrument. However until decisions have been made about the future of the Castle this was placed on hold for a while. We have had permission from SNH to further this. Members will be kept informed. 

During our KCFA work party of March 2017, we discussed the future of the castle in some detail. We are currently looking at ways in which we can form a Community Interest Company in conjunction with other interested parties to make a viable and sustainable future for the castle. The Rum community is diminishing again and needs the employment opportunities as were provided by the castle. We realised that we have the expertise within our members to move forward with this. More information will follow. If anyone feels they can offer any other support of any sort, please contact the committee through the website or at kcfasec@gmail.com